Services for financial intermediaries, banking intermediaries, investment funds and club deals.
We support our clients on the start up of new projects and the ongoing management of existing projects.
  • Authorisations and notifications for financial and banking intermediaries, both within and outside Italy
  • Regulations on management of AIFs, procedures for making offers to and negotiating with investors;
  • Regulations on management, prospects, procedures for offering and notification for UCITS funds in Italy and overseas;
  • Setting up club deals;
  • Organisational and compliance assessment;
  • Regulatory due diligence;
  • Ongoing regulatory consultancy;
  • Company secretaryship;
  • Project lead on cross-border projects;
  • Assessments of business models, business plans and cost structuring;
  • Definition or redefinition of the business model;
  • Extraordinary transactions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring;
  • Liquidation (including UCITSs).